Environmental & Water technology

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 Environmental & Water technology services

In terms of environmental responsibility we take customer´s environmental programs and environmental legal requirements into consideration in all projects, in all sectors.

Our comprehensive environmental expertise focuses on the perspectives covering the whole trajectory and life cycle of a plant and taking the sustainable development requirements towards water, air and soil into consideration.

Our environmental specialists offer a wide range of environmental, soil and groundwater related services. These include a diverse range of project studies and planning, permit processes, project management and environmental risk management. Water, soil and groundwater protection are taken into account in all design work


  • Environmental surveys
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental permitting procedures
  • Optimizing the use of water in production processes
  • Obligatory environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Water supply and sanitation related services 
  • General and construction planning for waste treatment and disposal areas
  • Assessments of soil contamination and restoration needs, soil remediation planning and supervision of restoration work