Woikoski, Air Gas Plant

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Woikoski, Kokkola, Finland
Air Gas Plant

Industrial gas producer Woikoski Oy's new air gas plant was opened in Kokkola on Tuesday, 14 January. The plant is the largest investment ever made by family-owned Woikoski in its 132-year history. The million-litre gas tanks of the extensive facility are, according to Woikoski, the largest in the world.

Completion of the air gas plant is the result of a long co-operative effort by two North Kymenlaakso companies. The plant's basic and implementation planning was done by Kouvola-based CTS Engtec Oy. The scope of the extensive planning project included plant, automatio and electrical, process and steel structure engineering as well as advisory services on PED documentation for procurement enquiries.

All engineering departments working

Project Manager Antti Lahtinen of CTS Engtec exudes an air of satisfaction, as the successful project has led to another, with his team continuing work on designing a new hydrogen production facility in Kokkola.

- Right off the bat, the project called for all our resource areas: automation, electrical, plant, process and steel structure engineering – this in itself makes the project an important one. We also did the accounting and PED consulting for the Woikoski project, explains Lahtinen.

3D modelling plays a key role

CTS Engtec did the 3D modelling of the Kokkola air gas plant in its entirety. 3D modelling made it possible to effectively incorporate CTS Engtec, plant and equipment suppliers, civil and structural engineering, existing building stock and other area operator data into the 3D model and cost-effectively document it to help the installation phase.

Project Manager Erkka Hautanen of Woikoski Oy emphasises that the 3D modelling done by CTS Engtec played a key role in the plant project.

- The 3D modelling allowed us to get an advance look at all the technical engineering details, to find any collision points and make changes to f.ex. HVAC and electrical lines, thus shortening the installation phase, explains Hautanen.

The plant was completed in record time. Co-operation made such a short completion schedule possible.

-It took just 14 months and 10 days to get the plant up for test runs. The fact that equipment suppliers, head designer, engineers, sub contractors and local installers all pulled together made the project go like clockwork. Everyone worked toward a common goal and made it happen, says Hautanen.

Ten kilometres of pipe

Building the new air gas plant was a major project. All in all, there are some 10 kilometres of pipe criss-crossing the Woikoski Oy plant grounds. Around one kilometre of new pipe bridges were built as well as 1.3 kilometres of gas lines, with a line dedicated for each type of gas. A 1.2-kilometre seawater pipe one metre in diameter, 900 metres of household water pipe and 400 metres of seawater discharge pipe were also installed for plant cooling.

The air gas plant will produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The gases are intended for use in industry and health care. Next on the list for Kokkola is Woikoski Oy's new hydrogen production facility. CTS Engtec is participating in the design of the facility. The estimated value of these two investments is approximately EUR 35 million, including the coming hydrogen production facility, which is expected to open in 2014.

The Kokkola industrial plot owned by Woikoski also already has a carbon dioxide plant, which produces medical, industrial and food grade carbon dioxide as well as dry ice. The new plant will be Woikoski Oy's ninth air separation facility.

Further information:
Project Manager Antti Lahtinen, CTS Engtec Oy, +358 (0)40 154 1651
Project Manager Erkka Hautanen, Woikoski Oy, +(0) 400 416 833