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CTS Engtec’s exhibition counter consists of 911 pieces

The stand of Kouvola-based company CTS Engtec at Energia12 exhibition in Tampere is graced with a counter made of Finnish birch plywood, all in all consisting of 911 pieces. The designer of the counter is Walter Neto, a Brazilian student studying Design at Kymenlaakso UAS. Decision to use the counter at the technology company exhibition stand came quite unexpectedly.

- I was having lunch in Kymenlaakso UAS Paja café, from where opens the view to the ground floor exhibiting area. The counter immediately caught my attention, - says Kirsi Juura, Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager of CTS Engtec who also took active part in the process of designing the company’s fair stand.

- There was no much discussion of the idea with our sales team, since everyone instantly liked it.

The counter was disassembled in Kouvola on Monday, then transported to Tampere where all 911 pieces are put together again. On Friday after the exhibition is closed the counter will be returned to Kouvola in the same way. Assembling of the counter is quite a complicated process, since each piece of the counter is given a name and assembling and disassembling must be done in a certain order. Matti Vaskimo, a member of the designer team and current Design student is taking care of the counter assembly.

Advocates of green energy

The decision to take the counter to the exhibition stand of CTS Engtec, an international engineering, consulting and project management company providing services, in particular, to forestry and energy industries, is well-justified:

- On a daily basis we are working with our clients in energy plants projects, fulfilling the requirements of international protocols on climate change. The latter ones include, in particular, promotion of renewable natural materials and minimized utilization of fossil fuels.

The birch plywood counter fits well to the sustainable development strategy, - says Kirsi Juura.

- Currently we are working on the completion of Ekokem power plant utilizing waste to produce energy. At this plant in Riihimäki test runs are taking place, and the scheduled start-up of the plant is at the beginning of the next year.

- Another important renewable energy production mode is CHP plants utilizing mostly forest residues as fuel. The last CHP plant which engineering company CTS Engtec carried out together with equipment supplier Metso, is the plant currently being completed for We Energies’ paper mill, in Wisconsin, the USA.

Wood has always been in the centre of CTS Engtec’s activities

For years CTS Engtec has been a cooperating partner of Kymenlaakso UAS.

- As a know how company we highly value qualified education, - says Juura. In Kymenlaakso UAS we have been lecturing on Russian business operations, and invited trainees and graduates of technical specializations working on their theses. Also, our Marketing Assistant has just recently graduated from Kymenlaakso UAS International Business department, specialization International Marketing. A new ongoing project with Kymenlaakso UAS is the logo design competition among Design students who have to design a CTS Engtec theme logo dedicated to the company’s 40th anniversary, - tells Kirsi Juura.

- Wood Academy, the common project of Kymenlaakso UAS and LUT is a very interesting educational project promoting wood products. Forestry industry reductions in Kymenlaakso have been so massive that we are now “naturally happy” about the new rise of energy efficient wood construction.

Less than one week for the counter completion

The birch plywood counter has been designed with the design method called Generative Design. In this design method the object is not drawn but rather a code is created generating the shapes and technical drawings.

- This design method was chosen because it allowed us to explore the boundaries of shapes we can achieve using this technique. We also wanted to have an object that is attractive to the eyes and touch. The advantage of designing things this way is that the manufacturing time doesn’t differ much, whether you produce a shape that is simple or complex. With this technique, we were also able to develop fitting algorithms and strategies that maximized material use.  The whole counter was fabricated in less than a week, completely out of birch plywood out of 911 pieces which are grouped into layers and ordered through a code like 0A, 3B, 8G (Piece= Letter, Layer = Number). All pieces are joined together by jigsaw joint (pieces) and dowels (layers).

Brazilian Walter Neto is the designer of the counter

The designer of the counter is a Design department student Walter Neto. Initially the counter was designed for the international competition EuroModo 2011, which then ended at Habitare Fair 2011 stand.

The counter and other design related elements creation was launched by the lecturer Heikki

Lindroos who gave the task to speculate upon the questions ”What is design?” and “What are the boundaries of design?” Based on these speculations the initial task was to design an exhibition counter for Euro Modo 2011 contest. At the same time the design of the counter had to embrace not just the competition’s themes of Healing Environments and Wood, but also explore the boundaries of the realm of design in a contemporary context.

Waltyer Neto came up with three options which in the long run resulted in the final design. He sees the counter design process as evolution of the several options.

A decisive role in the whole concept creation is attributed to the Kymenlaakso UAS lecturer Heikki Lindroos.

-  Without Heikki Lindroos that counter would have never existed. His visions in design, initiative, incentive and trust were crucial to the existence of that work. He challenged me and at the same time fostered my work, - says Walter Neto.

- Another person whose partnership was crucial for that work was Matti Vaskimo, who stood by my

side with my, at the moment, crazy ideas and helped me in every step of the development, - says Walter Neto.

Matti Vaskimo is taking care of the exhibition counter assembly at Energia 12 fair in Tampere.

Walter Neto is continuing his studies in Kymenlaakso UAS and actively participating in the Wood Academy projects dealing with wood products design.


More information:

Kirsi Juura, Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, CTS Engtec Oy

Mob. 040 591 3339


CTS Engtec Oy is an international engineering, consulting and project management company, providing pre-, basic and detailed engineering services, as well as project management and maintenance services for energy, forestry, metal and mining, chemical and petrochemical industries. The company has 160 employees. Its headquarters is located in Kouvola, regional offices in Espoo, Oulu and Turku, as well as a subsidiary in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company was established in 1973.

Wood Academy is wood products project coordinated by Kymenlaakso UAS for three years now. Wood Academy is focused on design, and its activities are based and developed with the help of international cooperation and networking projects.   

Wood Academy project is carried out in cooperation with LUT. The goal of Kouvola-based WoodInno is to create a wooden products industry and industrial wood construction in the regions of Kouvola and Kymenlaakso, and thereby to create new jobs. WoodInno is rising to this challenge by establishing the operating conditions, development opportunities and training for the wooden products industry and wood construction.

Wood Academy has started its operation by identification of the existing targets in Kymenlaakso region, as well as getting in contact with experts. Based on them the so-called Wood Village will be built, which presupposes a tight cooperation for the accomplishment of modern, well designed and functioning construction projects, e.g. bridges, stairs, roofs, platforms, bus-stops, sports and games fields, smaller premises, small products and decorative products.



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