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CTS Engtec is celebrating its 40 year anniversary

CTS Engtec is celebrating its 40 years anniversary this year.

The company history begins from 20.6.1973, when it was registered under the name “Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy”. The first office was located in the bricklayer Kettunen’s house in Kouvola, at the address Kotkankallio 2. Company facilities were located on 140 m². The company was established by Eero Nevalainen, Heikki Hakala and Ahti Nousiainen. Till the end of the year the number of employees rose to 14. The very first project was SULBI and it lasted for about a year. It was a paper mill industrial complex which Metex sold to the North Korea.

The first office was located in the bricklayer Kettunen’s house in Kouvola.


From 1974 the company moved its facilities to a small-industries building owned by Kouvola city, which situated in Savonkatu street and was 600 m² big. At that point there were already 40 employees. The same year the company concluded a contract for modernization of Myllykoski PM6 drying section. Since then electrical and instrumentation engineering began. In 1975 Valmet Rautpohja subcontractor works were began, and the company started engineering A. Ahlström’s new newspaper mill in Varkaus.

In 1976 the company bought an engineering office Kaarlo Amperla from Helsinki. Finnconsult, specializing in exports, became a shareholder after the acquisition. Also this year the company received orders for some small projects in such countries as Ghana, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. In 1977 the company has got a big project, Vapa-4, but after that the volume of works was gradually decreasing. Economy was suffering from the oil crisis. In 1978 Valmet ordered engineering of three new paper mills in Russia: in Syktyvkar, Balakhna and Svetogorsk.

In 1979 A. Ahlström decided to close down sulphite pulp mill in Varkaus and build a new one.  The company was the only outsider to participate in the project which led to the creation of LVI- and energy departments. The same year Valmet ordered a complete engineering of Gebrüder Lang’s PM 4. In 1980 engineering of Kymi PK8 Kuusanniemi and Tampella Anjala mill was carried out, which became the world’s biggest producer of pressure ground wood. For export reasons CTS Engineering Oy was established.

In 1982 the company in cooperation with Polartek Oy set up Oy Kalottkonsult AB in Kemi. Staff number was over 40. The same year Oy Kyro Ab ordered a wall papers mill in Kyroskoski. During 1980-83 there were several big projects and, in order to develop engineering methods, two Nokia Calma CAD working stations were purchased, which was a valuable investment into staff training. Myllykoski Oy decided to build a new LWC paper machine. Project designer was decided to be Teollisuussuunnittelu. This project greatly contributed to the company’s LWC know-how growth. In 1983 CTS’ steel structures department started its work.  

In 1984 Veitsiluoto ordered a complete range of services for a new off-coater plant design. CTS Iberica S.A. started its operations in Madrid in 1984, when establishment of own company was required in order to perform work there. In 1985 United Paper Mills ordered pre-engineering of Kaipola PM6 and after that implementation engineering for KAPRO-project.

In 1986 modification works in Klabin Monte Alegre plant in Brazil were started. Because of the project a separate entity was established in Sao Paolo. At the same time modifications at Kymmene Voikkaa PM11 and Anjala PM were started.  The same year the company began construction of its own office facilities.

In 1987 the company moved into its own office. At that time 290 employees were working in Kouvola office.  The same year CTS started cooperation work with Ekono who then bought 70% of the company. Significant assignment of the year was engineering of Kaipola TMP plant which became the biggest plant in the world in this field. In 1988 TST Konsult was established to provide engineering services for Tallinn area and make it easier to implement Russian projects. From 1.10.1988 TSS Engineering Ab launched its operations in Sweden, Sundvall. Assumingly, a separate company in Sweden was supposed to facilitate the operations in Swedish market.

New office was built in Kaikukatu 7, Kouvola.


In 1989 three big contracts were concluded: with Oulu fine paper plant OPA6, Kenia PANPAPER PM3 and PM1 Papelera Ponderosa SA in Mexico. In 1990 the company received an order for pre-engineering of a new LWC paper mill from Norske Skog. The old name Teollisuussuunnittelu Oy was abandoned and since then CTS Engineering Oy became the working name of the company.

In 1993 parent company Ekono fell down and brought along its daughter company CTS Engineering Oy. The same year in autumn management and staff of that time bought CTS Engineering Oy and continued its operations with new ownership as a base. The company’s activities were quite successful, new significant references were collected, among which there were a new coating plant of Nordland Papier, Tervasaari TARRA- project and Enso LUMI7 fine paper project.

In 2001 CTS concluded a cooperation contract with a Swedish consulting and engineering group ÅF.  This strategic alliance strengthened CTS’ position in Central Europe. In addition, ÅF Group’s strong international know-how in pulp and energy industry was useful for CTS’ own investments into customer and service sectors under demand.

In 2003 energy production part of Emprima Oy was transferred to CTS. Along with that a new office in Vantaa was opened. In 2004 CTS Engineering Oy sold its shares to Swedish ÅF Group. The company’s name respectively changed to ÅF-CTS Oy.

In 2007. The operative management bought out the  company’s shares capital from the ABp Ångpanneföreningen. The company is to be renamed the CTS Engtec Oy.  

In 2008. The company expanded strongly operations in metal, mining, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as in the ICT sector.

In 2011. Subsidiary OOO CTS Engtec was founded  in St. Petersburg, Russia. Three regional offices were opened in Turku, Oulu and Espoo. At the end of the year 2011 there was approximately 170 employees working in the company.

In 2012-13. The company focuses even more to petro-chemistry and energy production industry as well as to the data center business. In addition, the subsidiary in Russia starts co-operation with several Finnish-based companies.