Syktyvkar, Russia


The rebuild of PM21, Mondi Syktyvkar's white top kraftliner board machine, is the culmination of the STEP project, a € 525-million mill-wide modernisation programme of one of Russia's major pulp and paper mills in the Republic of Komi. It is the biggest investment project in the Russian pulp and paper industry in the past three decades

CTS Engtec was responsible for basic and implementation design including project management, procurement, process, equipment, electrical, instrumentation, heating and ventilation design. 

BM7. Short circulation for board machine. CTS Engtec was responsible for basic engineering including process, plant and automation engineering.

New 2-lines woodroom, new WLP plant, new lime kiln, new recovery boiler, new evaporation. Basic engineering.

Pre-engineering of new pulp mill and pulp mill upgrade. Green field.

Mill development study to assess the most optimal production structure. Evaluation of environmental issues